Welcome to Cartac our new land of adventure.

Our adventures is on the path from being unknown simpeltons to honered adventures with wealth and power.


A devastated World tries to get back on its feet after the mysterious conclusion of the Chaos wars. With the Emperor missing, the three kingdoms have become detached from one another, and the natural forces of the world, together with whatever evil may have been waiting for this chance, have started to gain control where there once was order and law.

An unlikely meeting between five simpletons takes place. Together they save a small village from a gnoll that had been threatening the area. They discover that being an adventurer may not be half bad in a world full of opportunities to prove themselves. What small amount of gold they were awarded by the poor peasents is used to to train themselves in the art of adventuring at Filipus School of resoursefull solutions. They are eventually invited to participate in a competition on a small island off the Labian Peninsula, orchestrated by Charles II. The prize for winning the competition is knighthood. The risk of participating is death. This is where our adventure begins…


Drokles Thorup Marneus Darlien