To My Dear Cousin

Dearest Abigail
I hope this letter finds you well. I was fortunate enough to get the oppertunity to post it to you, and that I could convince the caravan master to take the deliverance of it upon himself.
If what they say is true then the pass through Gray Mountains is safe, and free trade between our lands should commence. When the news was merely a rumour at first I was unsure. I remember it very well, for it was only a few days after the new lords of Riverstone Keep had decided to pick out seven strong of our unit to accompany them on patrol, and in those days we were especially thoroughly trained by Goldsheild. Ah – our new lords – no doubt news of their exploits will reach the city soon enough. Though there are too many to list here, the most important is the sense of hope that can be felt, where there previously were only two moods; despair or anger. They have taken the keep back and are ridding the lands of the goblin scourge. We are proud to call ourselves members of their militia. But I digress.
On the fourth day after our comrades had left, we were performing our after noon training routine – though it was difficult to distinguish between the training routines in those days since we were scarcely given breaks in between – and for myself and the others this meant archery practice from the wall of the keep at a moving target, the target being held by Goldshield as a shield as if to mockingly proclaim our inability to hit anywhere near him. Since we use blunt arrows for practise (real arrows are too expensive) it would not have hurt him terribly if we hit, but after being taunted since morning we started to aim much more efficiently, the man to my left whispering to me that he would aim for the dwarf’s face rather than the target, though I suspect he would never actually do so.
In the distance we saw Lord Darlien the elven ranger and Lord Fizban the wizard approach from a distance towards the keep. We hailed them from a distance as they strode inside the keep. After they had arrived inside, we heard the wizard shout that they needed a caravan. Since we were not allowed to abandon our training we only saw them leave again shortly there after followed by a horse-driven cart, but after training had ended and I met with my friends who work within the keep (they have little to do since the lords are in the field most of the time), one of them told me that Lord Darlien in a conversation with Joakim had said that they had slewn a giant that had been lurking in the gorge and now needed the caravan to secure valuable commodities that they had found there.
A giant!
Though it certainly would explain how men sent into the gorge were never seen to return, I found it too difficult to believe that we would finally be set free from our isolation here. The rumour spread very quickly, but to my dismay, since I was concerned with how the character of our Lords might have been percieved if it had turned out to be false, but after the rest of our unit returned my good friend Yashen explained the nature of the events to me its full detail.
If this letter indeed finds you, dear cousin of mine, then take it as proof that the trade route is now safe. I have not seen you in years and nothing would please me more than to hear your voice again, but for the moment I am stationed here, and I cannot leave my post until my Lords discharge me of my service.
Yours Truly



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