All hail the Lords

Deepest inside the kobold dungeon the players meet the mastermind behind it a young white dragon called Tharxas, who they kill skin and Darlien and Tonlim eat the heart a feat which hurt Darlien and marks him with a scar.

When the group searches the grotto they find not only a small selection of the dragons private possessions and treasure but also letters reveling that Fillip of the town council is in league with the beast.

Our Heroes return to the Town carrying the sewered dragon head. But the town is already in uproer due to the other party suceeding in killing the “murloch” threat.

This accomplisment is quickly overshadowed by the killing of the dragon, and our heroes is congratulated by most of town.

however the whole thing ends up in intrige, as the party plus allies, moves to strike at the corrupt part of the town counsil.

They are succesful and Fillip is imprison for futher investigation.

Our heroes are now ready to try and win the contest, and decides to make a big party and make every body vote for them, what they do. and the group is now ready to leave for the mainland where title and land awaits them.

But what awaits our heroes is somewhat of an surprise the welcoming committee consist of too slightly drunk soldiers both of who thinks that the heroes knighthood is somewhat of a joke, after a small confrontation the two parties, our heroes swear loyalty to their new lord Charles II the duke of Labia, and goes on their way to inspect their new land.



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