New shores

The Group arrives on the island of Natanis missing one member “Fizban” the party wizard and strongest member of the group left just before the group set of due to family reasons.

The group instantly likes father Brakas, who becomes a strong ally. It turns out that the city council is divided between the big Fishermen and the mayor Liamar Jadebraker on one side and the craftsmen and commoners represented by Fiona Nightbreeze and Damar respectively. The competition turns out to be a call for help for this island. The islanders face numerous troubles – kobolds, murlochs and a rat infestation in the poor quarters. There are two parties of Heroes on the island, competing to see who can accomplish the most in favour of the islanders. The winning party will be decided by voting between the council members and the villagers. A simple but well thought out plan to determine who is fit to gain influence over most of Vainwood Shire and at the same time rid Natanis of its burdens.

The group also falls into the liking of the Innkeeper Jetva Oakbread, partly due to her liking Tonlim.

After some discussion the group decides to recapture the old Barracks that have been captured by a group of monsters most notably a group of ettercaps (half spider half man monsters). The fight goes well until they reach the ettercaps where Tonlim dies and most of the party is knocked out.

A lucky shot from Darlien, the ranger, ends up saving the day while he’s the last one standing. The fallen adventurers regain consciousness, and Tonlim is dragged off to be resurrected by Brakas. After some much needed rest the party regroup and plan out their next move. They have to choose between aiding the sailors against murlochs or assaulting the kobolds in the hills that have been nuisance to the general public in a very long time.

Onetusk, the barkeep in the low end of town, decides to guide them towards the kobold lair after a failed attempt by Darlien to sabotage the rival party’s attempt at handling the murlochs. The party make their way to the entrance of the cave and start fighting through waves of kobolds, luckily without setting off any alarms. They end up slaying an otyugh and a white dragon as well, after which Tonlim and Darlien decide to each take a bite of the dragon’s heart while it’s still beating. Darlien is left with a permanent scar after this.



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