Skirmish on Riverstone Keep

Kicking down doors and killing goblins

On their way to their new home the heroes are conflicted with a new travesty. A freshly murdered family lie dead in the ashes of what was once their home, and there are traces of goblins everywhere. The trail is still fresh, so the heroes decide to follow it. The trail eventually stops a few hundred metres from the town closest to Riverstone Keep. The dwarf starts digging a hole with a shovel in hopes of finding the goblins, while the rest of the party search around, but to no avail. Our heroes decide to head for the city and ask around for the goblins. Outside the city gates they meet Goldshield, the captain of the city militia. He informs them that the goblins they are looking for have most likely returned to Riverstone Keep where they’ve been residing for some years. So much for winning the competition on Natanis. The heroes decide to face their new challenge head on and reclaim what is rightfully theirs as the new lords. Goldshield decides to buy the heroes a drink. While at the tavern, they regroup with Frizben, the party wizard who didn’t join them on Natanis. The steward of Riverstone Keep, a man named Joakim, tells them that there’s an underground entrance leading inside the castle. Goldsheild Rounds up a few men and agrees to create a diversion at the entrance while the heroes invade from underground. Goldshield’s scouts report that a small army of goblins are mobilizing. The perfect window of opportunity to strike at the keep. The skirmish on Riverstone Keep commences.

The party of heroes emerge in a small room in the courtyard while the guards outside are busy handling the peasants and Goldshield. The crew take care of a wolf-mounted goblin and its fellows, that would have otherwise caused problems outside. They make their way in to the main hall and cut down a small group of goblins, some of which have attained a sort of phasing ability. Battling onwards they find themselves face to face with a goblin shaman and a large group of goblins. With an astounding mix of recklessness and teamwork the crew unleash a deadly tactic.
Obediah the Paladin throws himself forward against the shaman only to get surrounded by his minions. The shaman tries to obscure the heroes’ plans by casting a thick fog on the battlefield. After taking one too many hits Obediah looks to be in trouble. The rest of the crew is surrounded by three or so goblins at the entrance to the room. Tonlim at this point tells his buddies to stand back, as he slays one of the goblins, shifts forward, strikes at another and cleaves into a third. The path is clear for Jared Wintercrest to come to Obediah’s aid giving him strength to overcome the situation. Frizben deploys a semi-sentient orb of fire to do away with most of the minions, that are conveniently packed together at the same place, and thoroughly burn the shaman in the process. Darlien takes a few steps forward and fires two arrows against the rope holding the chandelier. The rope breaks and the giant chandelier descends upon the shaman killing him instantly. The rest of the goblins are taken care of swiftly hereafter.

The heroes discover a shrine in this room which is dedicated to Ruth, the evil demon princess, which is very unusual for goblins. There must be some dark secret behind the goblins unusual phasing ability and their allegiance to a demonic divinity.

In the next room the party encounters 4 goblins all sharing the phasing ability. Tonlim decides to go all out on their leader, giving him no room to breathe. At all. He manages to tear off the leaders right arm before he is swiftly carried away by some mystical black fog like phenomenon, most likely sent by Ruth or one of her concierge, since it happens right after the leader screams for her aid.

A few battles later the crew face off against the orc leader of the goblins. The team has prepared an awesome strategy this time, Tonlim is to deploy a bed that they found downstairs as cover for the ranger Darlien. This strategy backfired somewhat since the enemy approached the group before they were able to set up a good defence. With their strategy broken the heroes must fight their way through a very tiresome match. Using the players as a beacon, Frizben manages to channel arcane punishment across the battlefield taking down the weakest of the goblins. Obediah takes most of the punishment on behalf of the group and eventually falls, but is brought back on his feet by Darlien. Tonlim does his best to stay on his feet while dishing out punishment. Jarret (the guy playing Jarret had to leave the table) is standing around in the corner facing in the other direction seemingly absent minded while occasionally dispensing healing surges here and there. Eventually, victory. The skirmish on Riverstone Keep was successful.



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