The Iceforge

It seems that kasandra is fleeing towards iceforge.
The heroes arrives at iceforge and is exorted in to the underground village by a suprisingly small townguard. It turns out that the village is having a pest problem kruthkricks have been tunneling into the catacombs the dwarven lorekeeper has led the townguard plus a great deal of the other able bodied men into the catacombs to vipe them out. Our heroes decide to finish the job and decend into the catacombs and futher into the kruthcrick tunnels. When they come apon the battlefield the it is a sight of glory, a mound of kruthkrick corpses reached the cealing and at the top rested the remains of Inor lorekeeper.
The heroes got to wet their own blades on kruthkricks a little before reaching a sub terrainial cave, where a crazed orc alchemist were brewing something toxic, by the side of a portal leading into another realm.

Luckely they were able to close the portal but before they did they realized that on the other side of the portal a small army is amasing….



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