Iron Hand

"The man who crafted this axe for you, Tonlim, still needs somewhere around 5 years of study before he can call himself a master."


A highly respectable dwarf despite first hand impressions, Iron Hand is beyond mastery of the art of blacksmithing. His hands have gotten old, and his eyes were burned out by the goblins that held him captive, so he is not as legendary as he otherwise would have been, but he’s still damn good at what he does, and years of captivity haven’t crushed his spirit. After having sorted out his hair and beard, he now looks presentable, but it’s easy to recognize how much he has been worn down under the careless conditions imposed on him by the goblins.


Originally from Grey Mountain, Iron Hand has practised his art for more than a century. After being held captive and being forced to create weapons for the goblins, Iron Hand was freed from his cell by the heroes. This has made him indebted to them, and he has therefore offered to lend his skills in service of the Lords’ interests. His only belongings are two stone tablets that seem to have recorded family history on them. His deal with the goblins was that they were kept safe in exchange for his services. The weapons he crafted for the goblins were mostly crude and badly designed. Iron Hand has been granted workforce enough to construct his own smithy in the court yard of Riverstone Keep. To Tonlim it feels odd to have this great elder dwarf of Gray Mountain bowing deeply to him. But denying him this right would be to deny him the two colonnades.

Iron Hand

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