When you meet Goldshield you get the feeling that he’s just a bitter and pissed of guy who’s tired of a training useless peasants how to fight. Well, that may be partly true. Goldshield is the sort of person who has been enduring a tiresome existence for quite some time, but as soon as you get on his good side you will discover that he is very resourceful and dependable.


The heroes first met Goldshield when he was tired and fed up with wasting energy on his small time militia force. Half an hour later they find themselves plotting how to overthrow the goblins together with him.
Currently Goldshield is the Captain of Riverstones defences on an official basis, which means he gets paid for it now. He has been sent off with a few soldiers on a somewhat diplomatic mission to the Pitia Valley to request resources and cooperation along the trade route in this time of need.


"Cartac" Debel