A time to rebuild
But first hunt down that whore!

The crew discover a letter in the private chambers of the keep that describes some deal between the orc leader of the goblins and some unknown third party. The letter is found together with a dagger that Darlien is quick to tuck away in his bag before the other heroes see it. In one of the rooms here Tonlim finds an incredibly hot Eladrin farm girl, Kasandra, tied to a bed asleep. The group are a bit suspicious of this, but they release her. Kasandra claims to hail from outskirts of Safire, and to have been captured by the goblins in Vainwood Gorge.
In the armoury on the ground floor the party encounter two goblins, both parties being equally surprised by this. After a swift kill they discover that a dwarf has been taken hostage by the goblins in a small adjacent cell. The dwarf in question is Iron Hand, master smith of the Grey Mountain clan. They help him recover two stone slabs, that seem to have some ancestral history recorded on them, in a room further down the hall.
The group meet up with Goldshield in the courtyard and inform him of what has happened. One of Goldshield’s men escorts Kasandra and Iron Hand back to Riverstone. The party of heroes decide to take a rest and leave the watch duty to Goldshield and his men just in case the small army of goblins that left the keep prior to the skirmish decide to return during the night.
The next morning the heroes hear no news of the goblin army. Tonlim decides to clear up the worst of the rubble with a few of Goldshield’s men. They discover a kitchen in a hallway that was blocked off, which is in a relatively good shape. They stock it with the most basic food items.
Later in the day upon interviewing Kasandra they find that her story does not check out completely. Other things about her just seem to be off. The dagger that Darlien finds leaves a weird black trail upon contact with skin, and seems to be imbued with chaotic energy. Darlien discovers that it leaves no mark on Kasandra. They hire a Halfling spy to investigate her, who goes under the name Cerap. The Halfling reports that she seems to be speaking with someone through a mirror in her purse usually in a foreign language, possibly goblin.
The heroes decide to return to the keep and ponder these things. They ask Cerap to steal this mirror from her so that Frizben might have a closer look at it. After studying it Frizben concludes that there is nothing magical about the mirror at all. In other words, she’s been using a spell to conduct these conversations. In other words, she’s powerful.
The heroes decide to investigate the shrine that the goblins for some reason left untouched. Tonlim politely asks for permission to enter, which is granted, and the heroes find treasures that most likely belonged to the previous lords of the keep along with papers concerning the upkeep and official business of the keep.
Joakim meets the heroes early the next morning offering his services as the steward of the keep. Goldshield is hired as captain of the city guard, and Iron Hand starts working for the lords as their smith. Goldshield is sent off with a small wagon to retrieve goods from Fizbans small realm Pitia Valley which is tucked away in the mountains, and to request aid from fizbans subjekts, he carries with him a written letter bearing the fizbans seal. Kasandra is about to leave that afternoon. The heroes decide to arrest her while she’s in the keep to bid them farewell. Kasandra walks through the main hall and is apprehended by a fully armed party of heroes in a very disadvantageous position. At first she looks puzzled as to what is going on. It is only seconds before Tonlim would have put her in handcuffs, that she starts sprouting wings and reveals her true form. A succubus!
“I am Kasandra, and you will remember my name!”
The heroes don’t think twice about this. They strike at her but to no avail. Quickly Kasandra vanishes in the same manner as the goblin that Tonlim butchered. They find that she’s trying to escape outside on a horse. No time to waste, the heroes must hunt down that whore!
(Der er nogle ting, jeg ikke har inkluderet her, bl.a. kunne jeg ikke specielt godt huske, der hvor Daniel går rundt og føler sig speciel. Bare ret til.)

Skirmish on Riverstone Keep
Kicking down doors and killing goblins

On their way to their new home the heroes are conflicted with a new travesty. A freshly murdered family lie dead in the ashes of what was once their home, and there are traces of goblins everywhere. The trail is still fresh, so the heroes decide to follow it. The trail eventually stops a few hundred metres from the town closest to Riverstone Keep. The dwarf starts digging a hole with a shovel in hopes of finding the goblins, while the rest of the party search around, but to no avail. Our heroes decide to head for the city and ask around for the goblins. Outside the city gates they meet Goldshield, the captain of the city militia. He informs them that the goblins they are looking for have most likely returned to Riverstone Keep where they’ve been residing for some years. So much for winning the competition on Natanis. The heroes decide to face their new challenge head on and reclaim what is rightfully theirs as the new lords. Goldshield decides to buy the heroes a drink. While at the tavern, they regroup with Frizben, the party wizard who didn’t join them on Natanis. The steward of Riverstone Keep, a man named Joakim, tells them that there’s an underground entrance leading inside the castle. Goldsheild Rounds up a few men and agrees to create a diversion at the entrance while the heroes invade from underground. Goldshield’s scouts report that a small army of goblins are mobilizing. The perfect window of opportunity to strike at the keep. The skirmish on Riverstone Keep commences.

The party of heroes emerge in a small room in the courtyard while the guards outside are busy handling the peasants and Goldshield. The crew take care of a wolf-mounted goblin and its fellows, that would have otherwise caused problems outside. They make their way in to the main hall and cut down a small group of goblins, some of which have attained a sort of phasing ability. Battling onwards they find themselves face to face with a goblin shaman and a large group of goblins. With an astounding mix of recklessness and teamwork the crew unleash a deadly tactic.
Obediah the Paladin throws himself forward against the shaman only to get surrounded by his minions. The shaman tries to obscure the heroes’ plans by casting a thick fog on the battlefield. After taking one too many hits Obediah looks to be in trouble. The rest of the crew is surrounded by three or so goblins at the entrance to the room. Tonlim at this point tells his buddies to stand back, as he slays one of the goblins, shifts forward, strikes at another and cleaves into a third. The path is clear for Jared Wintercrest to come to Obediah’s aid giving him strength to overcome the situation. Frizben deploys a semi-sentient orb of fire to do away with most of the minions, that are conveniently packed together at the same place, and thoroughly burn the shaman in the process. Darlien takes a few steps forward and fires two arrows against the rope holding the chandelier. The rope breaks and the giant chandelier descends upon the shaman killing him instantly. The rest of the goblins are taken care of swiftly hereafter.

The heroes discover a shrine in this room which is dedicated to Ruth, the evil demon princess, which is very unusual for goblins. There must be some dark secret behind the goblins unusual phasing ability and their allegiance to a demonic divinity.

In the next room the party encounters 4 goblins all sharing the phasing ability. Tonlim decides to go all out on their leader, giving him no room to breathe. At all. He manages to tear off the leaders right arm before he is swiftly carried away by some mystical black fog like phenomenon, most likely sent by Ruth or one of her concierge, since it happens right after the leader screams for her aid.

A few battles later the crew face off against the orc leader of the goblins. The team has prepared an awesome strategy this time, Tonlim is to deploy a bed that they found downstairs as cover for the ranger Darlien. This strategy backfired somewhat since the enemy approached the group before they were able to set up a good defence. With their strategy broken the heroes must fight their way through a very tiresome match. Using the players as a beacon, Frizben manages to channel arcane punishment across the battlefield taking down the weakest of the goblins. Obediah takes most of the punishment on behalf of the group and eventually falls, but is brought back on his feet by Darlien. Tonlim does his best to stay on his feet while dishing out punishment. Jarret (the guy playing Jarret had to leave the table) is standing around in the corner facing in the other direction seemingly absent minded while occasionally dispensing healing surges here and there. Eventually, victory. The skirmish on Riverstone Keep was successful.

All hail the Lords

Deepest inside the kobold dungeon the players meet the mastermind behind it a young white dragon called Tharxas, who they kill skin and Darlien and Tonlim eat the heart a feat which hurt Darlien and marks him with a scar.

When the group searches the grotto they find not only a small selection of the dragons private possessions and treasure but also letters reveling that Fillip of the town council is in league with the beast.

Our Heroes return to the Town carrying the sewered dragon head. But the town is already in uproer due to the other party suceeding in killing the “murloch” threat.

This accomplisment is quickly overshadowed by the killing of the dragon, and our heroes is congratulated by most of town.

however the whole thing ends up in intrige, as the party plus allies, moves to strike at the corrupt part of the town counsil.

They are succesful and Fillip is imprison for futher investigation.

Our heroes are now ready to try and win the contest, and decides to make a big party and make every body vote for them, what they do. and the group is now ready to leave for the mainland where title and land awaits them.

But what awaits our heroes is somewhat of an surprise the welcoming committee consist of too slightly drunk soldiers both of who thinks that the heroes knighthood is somewhat of a joke, after a small confrontation the two parties, our heroes swear loyalty to their new lord Charles II the duke of Labia, and goes on their way to inspect their new land.

New shores

The Group arrives on the island of Natanis missing one member “Fizban” the party wizard and strongest member of the group left just before the group set of due to family reasons.

The group instantly likes father Brakas, who becomes a strong ally. It turns out that the city council is divided between the big Fishermen and the mayor Liamar Jadebraker on one side and the craftsmen and commoners represented by Fiona Nightbreeze and Damar respectively. The competition turns out to be a call for help for this island. The islanders face numerous troubles – kobolds, murlochs and a rat infestation in the poor quarters. There are two parties of Heroes on the island, competing to see who can accomplish the most in favour of the islanders. The winning party will be decided by voting between the council members and the villagers. A simple but well thought out plan to determine who is fit to gain influence over most of Vainwood Shire and at the same time rid Natanis of its burdens.

The group also falls into the liking of the Innkeeper Jetva Oakbread, partly due to her liking Tonlim.

After some discussion the group decides to recapture the old Barracks that have been captured by a group of monsters most notably a group of ettercaps (half spider half man monsters). The fight goes well until they reach the ettercaps where Tonlim dies and most of the party is knocked out.

A lucky shot from Darlien, the ranger, ends up saving the day while he’s the last one standing. The fallen adventurers regain consciousness, and Tonlim is dragged off to be resurrected by Brakas. After some much needed rest the party regroup and plan out their next move. They have to choose between aiding the sailors against murlochs or assaulting the kobolds in the hills that have been nuisance to the general public in a very long time.

Onetusk, the barkeep in the low end of town, decides to guide them towards the kobold lair after a failed attempt by Darlien to sabotage the rival party’s attempt at handling the murlochs. The party make their way to the entrance of the cave and start fighting through waves of kobolds, luckily without setting off any alarms. They end up slaying an otyugh and a white dragon as well, after which Tonlim and Darlien decide to each take a bite of the dragon’s heart while it’s still beating. Darlien is left with a permanent scar after this.


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