Note on the calendar: This is an Artulian calendar.

Therefore everything is noted in NT (New time), it’s a time format that was instituted by the first king of Artulia, but which newer really hit on in public. The standard is still FT (founding time). Both the dwarves and the elves/eladrin have their own time format, but its giving away to FT.

Chaos Wars 30-0 BNT

The armies of the chaos gods march the world led by 7 champions

The Night of Endings 0 NT

The emperor disappears and the Chaos champions all die in their sleep.

The time of uncertenty 0-30 NT

the land is marked strife as shattered armies pillage the land, and there is no one to uphold the law.

The Great treachery 30 NT

The Santuine part of the Empire, declares itself a republic and forever turns it back on what’s good and true. May the gods of good punish them for their foul deed.

The rise of the new kings 45 NT

Inar I, is declared steward of the empire and king of Artulia by Alexander prophet of the circle. And crowned in front of his people.

The glories restitution 45-130 NT

king Inar I leads his new armies to subdue different rebel states and consolidates the kingdom and ushers in a new time of peace and prosperity.

Night of Sorrow 130 NT

king Inar I, dies at the age of 98 and leaves his kingdom in the hands of his son Inar II


"Cartac" Debel