Iceforge is a Small Dwarven town in the Vainwood part of the Iceshard Mountains.

Until resently it has been somewhat autonomous, if not for the token sum it pays to the defense of Vainwood shire.

but the reason events have led one of the rulers of Vainwood shire to be pronounced Lorekeeper.

The entrance to the town is a small fortress resting on the side of the mountains, the road that leads up there is lined by six statues of dwarven warriors. The town is near the surface but their tunnels surround the town in a big and complex network some of them reaches vary far down.

Eternal night square:
The town center is a square topped by a vaulted ceiling made of black stone, adorned by a canopy of small shining crystals placed in a perfect semblance of the night sky. The square is created as a public park with many different self illuminating trees, flowers and fungi.

Hall of Elders:
The hall of elders is the building on the one side of Eternal night square, it is the seat of the elder council and the office of the town lorekeeper. From the hall is an entrance to hall of remembrence.

Hall of remembrance:

Iceforge Glacier: a mighty glacier

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