The pantheon of Cartac is diverse and immensely confusing, to make it just a little manageable they are arranged in houses after allegiance, race and fields.

Some gods are venerated by all races, these are the Greater Gods of good or unaligned nature and is categorized in the most important house of all the immortal circle. The broken circle is those evil gods that is so important that people need still show them respect (Respect should not be confused with honored or liked). The lost circle are the gods of chaos, and even though mighty is forsaken by most races the worship of these gods is strictly illegal.

Most of the gods belonging to the immortal circle and The broken circle is also leader of their own racial or field house.

Among the most important of these houses are.

Racial/Allegiance houses:
The seven Halls (Dwarfen pantheon)| The wheel (Elven/Fey/Eladrin pantheon)| The powers (Mainly Human Pantheon)| The hordes (Evil creatures Pantheon)| Legion (denizens of the nine Hells)| The independent| The Mound (mostly Halfling pantheon)| The First (Metallic Dragon and Dragon born Pantheon)|


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