Riverstone Keep

The new home of the heroes. Currently Riverstone Keep is in ruins after having been inhabited by Goblins and raided by the new lords. (They for some reason had to ruin a chandelier and kick down most of the doors in the castle.) Currently the master blacksmith Iron Hand is attempting to establish a temporary smithy, most of the rubble has been cleared out, Joakim has established himself as the steward of the castle, and Goldsheild has been hired as a captain of Riverstone’s defences.

The history of the keep known so far:

It was build by the first settlers in the area and has housed many lords. Due to an attack and an accidental fire the current castle is the third to stand on the spot.

The outside:

The keep has walls with battlements on all sides and six towers one on each corner and to on each side. On the front side facing the town, is a gatehouse leading to the courtyard, where Iron Hand currently is building his smithy, on the other side of the yard is the stables, which also hides a secret tunnel into Riverstone.

The interior:

the great doors from the courtyard lead to the Hall where two stairs lead to the upper floor, a set of double doors lead to the main hall, and a set of doors on either side leads to the left and right wing.

The rightwing contains the guardroom, jail, storage room, and the barracks. The Left wing contains the kitchen, and the quarters of the servants.

The Main hall is exactly that a great hall with long tables and a set of thrones at the end. the throne is flanked by two smaller rooms which contains the broken alter of Ruth and the alter of Sefusius. the alter of Sefusius also hides a magic treasury. behind the main hall and the wings is the quarters of the lords, consisting of sleeping champers and studies plus a small library.

the upper floor which can be reached from front hall or from the personal quarters. The upper floor doesn’t contain much at the moment due to the travesty created by the orcs and goblins and the structural damage to the castle.

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Riverstone Keep

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