Unholy Pact

This letter was found in Riverstone Keep

To you Gorcax, bane of man.

hear well of your great power and your exploits. And i want to congratulate you for your success in cowing such a stunning and great city as Riverstone.

Our old deal is as I believe still standing and the services you did for us as well as the price you paid us have not been forgotten, we will be sending you the weapons we promised you. We have sent one of our trusted agents to observe your progress and advise you in your further endeavors, it brings along a sample of the weapons. We wish you to heed the advice given to you.

We wish that you never may run short of enemies to kill maim and rape.

It is written in a black-red ink and a hand which won’t let you determine much about gender, race or culture. It is however, written by a well schooled writer with a steady and even hand.

The paper itself is exquisite, made of mix of some unknown powder, some plant fibers and silk fibers.

Unholy Pact

"Cartac" Debel