Vainwood shire

Vainwood shire is the land between Vainwood,the Iceshard mountains and the Calien Sea.
Rule of the area has just been passed on to a band of adventures with the titel of Knighthood: Darlien, Obediah, Tonlim Leadboot, Jared Wintercrest and “Lord Fizban Wizard and ruler of Pitia valeay”.

Points of intrest:

Area under the rule of our heroes

The castle Riverstone Keep

The town Riverstone

Pitia valeay

The town Iceforge

The village Taniville

The island Natanis


Surrounding area

the Iceshard mountains

the Vainwood

The city Tardis

The ruined town The nightrock

The castle ruins Nightstone keep

Calien Sea

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Vainwood shire

"Cartac" Debel